Today, Start-up graphene manufacturing Avadain Inc. received the coveted “buy” recommendation from the leading publication helping find the most promising investment opportunities outside the stock market.

First Stage Investor concluded that Avadain is an “underappreciated investment opportunity with off-the-charts upside” and that “you’re getting a great deal here.”
First Stage Investor is owned by Early Investing, LLC, a part of Kingscrowd.

According to Avadain’s CEO, Brad Larschan, the company’s crowdfunding campaign on the Netcapital platform has been successful. “Now that we have momentum, we are well on our way to a successful raise.” In March, the Federal government awarded Avadain $3.77 million to demonstrate the superiority of its flakes in two high-profile applications and to scale up its technology for mass production.

“Avadain has done extremely well with its crowdfunding campaign, especially given the investment climate,” says Jason Fishman, CEO of Playa Vista, CA-based Digital Niche Agency. DNA is the leading digital marketing agency specializing in crowdfunding.

More than 500 investors from as far away as Africa, Asia, and Europe have contributed to Avadain’s crowdfunding campaign.

Avadain has a globally patented, environmentally friendly method for producing high-quality graphene flakes. Graphene is the thinnest, most flexible, strongest, and best thermal and electrical conductor ever discovered.

“Hundreds of billions of dollars of graphene-enhanced products are waiting to enter the market once a reliable source of industrial quantities of affordably priced large, thin and nearly defect-free graphene flakes becomes available,” says Phil Van Wormer, Avadain’s CCO. “That’s the market we target.”

Avadain plans to start to license its technology, starting in the fourth quarter of 2023, to advanced materials manufacturers, graphene applications companies, and companies with a mission critical need to use graphene in their products.

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