I wanted to report to you on Avadain’s strong, successful crowdfunding campaign.

According to crowdfunding analytics firm Kingscrowd, there were 488 active crowdfunding campaigns across all platforms. Avadain was the 7th highest in aggregate commitments last week, with $161,336. In fact, Kingscrowd reported that Avadain received 89.74% of all funds invested through Netcapital last week. This impressive performance was only possible because of our valued investors, who share our vision of a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world.

“Being in the top 1% of all crowdfunding campaigns is a great accomplishment given the headwinds from the stock market and jitters caused by surging inflation,” said Brad Larschan, Avadain’s CEO.

Chris Lustrino, CEO of Kingscrowd, wrote yesterday that “many major venture capital firms are saying we’re in a ‘tech winter’”.  Not so for Avadain. Avadain is looking past the current economic woes to beginning to license its green, globally patented technology to manufacture high quality graphene flakes in industrial quantities at affordable prices in 2024-2025.

There are 50+ equity crowdfunding platforms, according to Kingscrowd, whose published statistics indicate that Avadain received more investment last week than each of at least 43 platforms generated during that week.

Avadain’s Aggregate Commitment $’s