March 30, 2022

Have you heard of graphene? It’s the incredibly strong, light, uber thin “super material” that can enhance electric vehicles, space exploration, electronics, medicine, aviation, and more.

Graphene is to the 21st Century what plastics were to the last century. Companies around the world are drooling to use graphene in hundreds of applications waiting to enter the market.

Graphene flakes are the preferred form factor for the majority of these applications. Avadain Inc. has a globally patented and environmentally friendly technology to manufacture high-quality graphene flakes. These flakes provide a superior combination of surface area, thinness, and defect elimination required by industry to realize the full benefit of graphene’s amazing properties. We are now starting to upscale our technology with the goal of manufacturing industrial quantities and meeting pent-up demand, as well as the projected explosive growth of graphene.

We are turning to Netcapital’s crowdfunding platform to raise equity capital from investors who want to be part of the Graphene Revolution!

In today’s investor’s article, I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about the Security and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Crowdfunding and our mission at Avadain Inc.

What Is Regulation Crowdfunding?

We’re so glad you asked!

Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) allows companies to raise money from both accredited and non-accredited investors. This is an important option for startups, early-stage companies, and small businesses to secure capital for growth.

In the past, only accredited investors (net worth of $1M or annual income of $200K+) were allowed to invest in these companies before they go public. This was great for venture capitalists and angel investors, but not so great for everyone else. Crowdfunding changed the game by allowing everyday people the opportunity to invest in ideas and products that they believe in.

The equity crowdfunding revolution has started, and virtually anyone with a little bit of money and a bank account can participate in the early-stage growth of businesses!

In addition, Title III of the JOBS Act created a number of opportunities for businesses looking to raise funds on the internet. One of these opportunities is allowing companies to raise up to $5M annually, rather than the original $1.07M limit.

In the past, small businesses needed banks and other financial institutions for funding, which gave them less control over how the money was used. Equity crowdfunding shifts the paradigm by giving business owners access to additional capital from investors around the world.

Avadain Inc.’s Graphene Meets Global Demand

Experts say that graphene is about to transform the way people live, work, and play. Countless graphene-enabled products are waiting to enter the market but, so far, there is no reliable source of high-quality graphene that can be produced at scale and acceptable cost.

All of this is about to change with Avadain’s green, breakthrough, and patented graphene manufacturing technology. Our large, thin and defect-free graphene flakes are uniquely suited for the highest value graphene-enhanced products, such as electric vehicles, smartphones, sensors, drones, satellites, commercial aircraft and so much more. We are ready to upscale our technology to meet the massive, global pent-up demand for high-quality graphene.


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