Graphene is about to change our world. What’s holding back the Graphene Revolution?

Most companies are forced to work with suboptimal quality materials referred to as ‘graphene’. In reality, these are graphene oxide, graphene nanoplatelets, and graphite.

At Avadain, we’ve developed high-quality graphene flakes that are large and thin with few defects. We are upscaling to produce our flakes in industrial volumes at a nominal cost so that we can help make our world cleaner, healthier, more prosperous, and sustainable.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a disruptive material that can be used to make hundreds of products better. Graphene is the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best thermal & electricity-conducting material ever discovered.

What makes Graphene so astonishing? Imagine a material that is 1 million times lighter than a sheet of paper, but 200x stronger than steel. It takes very little to greatly improve products, which is why it is so remarkable.

For example:

  • Light: 1 gram sheet of graphene would cover a soccer field
  • Heat conductivity: best material for conducting heat
  • Electrical conductivity: nearly perfect conductor (better than copper)
  • Electronic properties: electrons move through graphene at close to the speed of light
  • Invisibility: transmits 97% of light (glass window transmits 80%-90%)

We’re Fast-Tracking the Graphene Revolution

Our breakthrough patented technology uses optimized Electrochemical Exfoliation & Expansion.  This produces high-quality graphene flakes (with very few defects). There is a 70%+ yield using a new, green process which we are upscaling.

This allows for a mass-producing high-quality graphene flakes at an acceptable cost. It was invented, patented & demonstrated in a supercapacitor by Fraunhofer in Germany. (Funded by Panasonic Corporation.)

Avadain’s process:

Quality: Eliminates most defects. Manufactures large flakes with excellent electrical & thermal conductivity, and high mechanical strength.

Price: Enables manufacturing flakes at a price acceptable to the industry.

Quantity: Makes industrial-scale production possible.

Almost Limitless Applications for Graphene Flakes

There are hundreds of top uses for high-quality graphene flakes: aviation, electric vehicle batteries, 3D printing, and environmental remediation are a small portion of top uses.

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We’re seeking up to $5 million to upscale our technology to industrial-scale production of high-quality graphene flakes.

Short-term Growth Plan:

  • Upscale batch process to a pilot scale continuous flow production line
  • Demonstrate industrial scale production
  • Supply sample quantities to support market demand and licensing development
  • License technology to advanced materials manufacturers, graphene applications companies and end-users with mission critical needs

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