The Graphene Age will be unleashed once three obstacles are overcome: quality, price and quantity. Avadain’s technology currently overcomes quality and price. Once our technology is upscaled to continuous production, industrial volumes of graphene flakes will become available, unleashing the Graphene Revolution. By the end of this decade, we expect demand for our flakes to be in the billions of dollars.


Avadain is focused on what it does best – innovating and optimizing the technology to manufacture graphene flakes needed by industry and the US government. Our customers are licensees which will manufacture flakes to meet the needs of companies that use these flakes to make many existing products better, and to create new products to make the world a safer, cleaner and better place. Our target customers are:

  • Advanced materials manufacturers
  • Graphene applications companies
  • Mission-critical end users

Advanced materials manufacturers have the technical expertise, business experience and customer contacts to support manufacturing high quality graphene flakes. Many of these companies have the capability to tune Avadain’s graphene flakes to meet specific end-user needs. Most graphene companies are focused on making graphene-enhanced products. Avadain’s technology offers these companies the ability to manufacture their own low-cost, high-quality graphene flakes. Certain industries need a reliable source of industrial volumes of high-quality graphene flakes for mission-critical end uses – including aviation, space, national security and medicine. These flakes can be optimized to specific application requirements


2021 – Graphene’s Inflection Point

Emerging technologies research firm IDTechEx forecasts that 2020-2021 is the tipping point for the Graphene Age.

The market for graphene is at a tipping point, with long periods of R&D now starting to translate into significant purchase orders. For a long time, the graphene market was overwhelmingly driven by a ‘materials push’ . . .. Now, that has transitioned into ‘market pull’ …” – IDTechEx Principal Analyst, Dr Richard Collins