Meet the Visionaries Democratizing Graphene!

The word “super-material” is overused. But one super-material dwarfs them all. It’s about to revolutionize electric vehicles, renewable energy, composites, supercapacitors, sensors, 3D printing, medicine and space exploration … to name just a very few. It’s called ‘graphene’. Experts agree that graphene is one of the most disruptive materials of all time. It is the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best thermally & electrically-conducting material ever discovered. And, it’s about to make our world cleaner, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable.

Many leading tech companies and numerous startups are poised to enhance hundreds of products with graphene. However, mass production of graphene-enabled products has been held back because there is no technology to produce industrial quantities of reasonably priced high-quality graphene flakes. Until now.

Avadain has successfully demonstrated a breakthrough, globally patented and green process to manufacture high quality graphene. We are raising capital to upscale our technology, expand our patent portfolio and to produce samples to support our licensing activities.

In today’s investor article, I want to take a moment to spotlight our incredible team that is bringing the Avadain Inc. vision to life!

Brad Larschan, CEO

Brad has 15 years experience leading two technology licensing companies, and is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of experience leading start-up companies.

Ericka Wojack, Finance & Operations

Ericka has 27 years experience as COO/CFO of start-up companies, the last 15 of which were with IP licensing companies.

Phil Van Wormer, Marketing & Manufacturing

Phil has 40 years experience as an executive at Fortune 100 companies including DuPont and GE,as well as CEO of several technology start-ups. He has led commercialization of dozens of new technologies and products.

Dr. Ryan Tian, Science

Ryan has 10 years of experience in developing graphene-based new basic/applied sciences, developing new IP & supporting licensed startups. He has a unique blend of academic, research and industrial manufacturing leadership experience over his 40 year career.

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Graphene’s revolutionary properties are so promising – and so essential to a better tomorrow – that Avadain decided to use Netcapital’s platform to raise equity capital from investors who want to be a part of the Graphene Revolution.

If you want to be a force for good, we encourage you to visit our Netcapital page and join our community of early shareholders today!

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to a strong campaign, and an even stronger partnership.