Graphene Flakes… the Megatrend of the 21st Century

Avadain’s breakthrough technology produces superior-quality graphene flakes
at low cost using a patented, ecofriendly process.

Our large, nearly defect-free flakes overcome the technical obstacles that have prevented graphene from becoming the super material of the 21st century – at last unleashing the Graphene Revolution.


Hundreds of billions of dollars of graphene-enhanced products are waiting to enter the market.

Flakes are industry’s preferred form factor. But for most applications, there is no source of large, thin and almost defect free graphene flakes.

Virtually no companies are focused on manufacturing industrial quantities of high-quality graphene flakes at low cost.


Avadain will unleash the Graphene Revolution with our patented, breakthrough and green technology to reliably manufacture very high-quality graphene flakes.

Our superior large, thin and very few defect flakes, produced in industrial volumes at a reasonable price, meets the need of >80% of the multi-tens of billions of dollars market for high quality graphene flakes.

These flakes will be used in countless products by clean tech, deep tech, industrial, manufacturing and life sciences companies.


Materials define an age.

Graphene is the material of our age. It is about to make our world cleaner, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable.


We will license our patented technology to advanced materials manufacturers, graphene applications companies and certain mission-critical end users. These companies will produce tonnes of flakes for broad use in a wide swath of industries.


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