The Graphene Revolution is going to change the world and make it a much better place – and sooner than you think, tech futurist George Gilder told the 2023 COSM Technology Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

“Graphene has the potential to change everything,” Gilder told the group of tech leaders, investment professionals and others who attended the event November 1-3 in the thriving city east of Seattle.

COSM is a national summit that meets annually to discuss the implications of converging technologies that will reshape the world. Some of this year’s speakers included Michael Milken, Newt Gingrich and Stephen Wolfram.

While the theme for this year’s COSM was Artificial Intelligence, Avadain’s CEO, Brad Larschan, spoke on a panel about “The Graphene Revolution”.

“By 2030, graphene is going to touch the lives of virtually every person, every day,” Larschan said. “The demand for graphene is growing rapidly. The problem is creating the manufacturing base to supply the demand,” he added.

“Graphene could create the biggest economic boom in history,” Gilder predicted.

The event also provided the opportunity for Larschan to meet with a number of Avadain investors, who attended the conference in their private capacities. They discussed Avadain’s strategy, progress and next steps.

COSM is sponsored by the non-profit Discovery Institute, which is a public policy think tank located in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1991 by Bruce Chapman and George Gilder, Discovery Institute is a non-partisan organization focused on research, education, action and cultural renewal. It brings together a growing global network of scholars, scientists and policy experts.